Sunday, 22 September 2013

Writing - Expectation and other stuff.

We all have expectations of events and happenings both in our own lives and in the lives of others. They are usually presaged by the words 'I hope'. We humans invest a lot in hope.

'I hope the dentist doesn't have any work to do on my teeth'

'I hope the tests from the doctors don't include bad news'

'I hope my team wins this weekend'

There are all sorts of things we wish for both great and small. I have lots of wishes that begin with my children and their health, wealth and happiness but then go on to more speculative desires. 

For example, my books being picked up and to start selling so that I can achieve a level of comfort above the ordinary level. It would allow me to help my children more and perhaps move house, change my car and so on.

I'm not being greedy, I don't want millions in fact recognition is more important. As a writer I spend a significant amount of time in the act of writing. I was given some small hope this morning in church. During the week I was stopped in the street by a member of the congregation and asked for my 5th Steele novel. I signed the book and took it to church this morning and while robing up for the service, taken by the Bishop of Wakefield, I left it on the choir vestry table. A fellow member picked it up and told me that he thought it looked good. He based his summation on the length of paragraphs and quantity of conversation he observed. We talked about readability, Dickensian paragraphs and technical writing. 
Now whether you can really judge the quality of a piece of writing in that way is questionable but it does show the way in which books can be assessed by potential readers. I was gratified for the positive assessment because one of my aims in writing is to make the work engaging. I see little point in writing novels that aren't appealing to a large audience. When all said and done it is a form of entertainment. So if you want some light entertainment with action, love and a super hero splash the cash on Amazon, Smashwords, CompletelyNovel, Barnes & Noble, W H Smiths and Waterstones.

Finally I have had an interview published today which gives more info on the latest Steele novel, 'Inceptus' and of course me! Use the link below to find out more from yours truly.

God Bless