Thursday, 19 September 2013

Writing - Otsukimi and Pareidolia

Moon viewing day -Japanese Culture-


Today is “Otsukimi’, Moon viewing day in Japan. This is one of beauty nature related cultures in Japan.

They used to use Lunisolar Calendar system, so that 15th day of the eight month of Japanese traditional calendar, they celebrate full moon.
they use solar calendar the same as in UK now, we have had this celebration in September.

This moon celebration is apparently in far east countries, Korea, China, Taiwan and Vietnam as well.
(There is 13th day of the ninth month in Lumisolar Calendar celebration day as well, which is only in Japan)

Traditionally, we used to decorate with “Susuki grass” which is poaceae grass family and Tsukimi food.
Well, to tell the truth, not many people would actually celebrate with those at home recently.
However even nowadays they remind us otsukimi day at weather forecast in TV.

Last night, I could see clear moon, unfortunately it is grey sky with rain as usual autumn weather this morning, it would be difficult to see the full moon here tonight unless there is an improvement in the weather.

By the way what do you see in full moon?

Have you ever thought there is a rabbit (Usagi) making rice dumpling ” mochi’ in the moon?!

The act of gazing at objects like the moon and 'seeing' other objects, shapes etc has a name which is Pareidolia but suffice it to say allowing the imagination to run riot is satisfying and can be fun.

God Bless