Thursday, 12 September 2013

Writing - People on holiday.

The fact is that when we go on holiday we don't behave normally. The statement of the obvious perhaps but the question is why? I suppose it is partly the reason for holidaying in the first place. The whole concept is quite decadent. There are vast swathes of the populations of many countries that wouldn't know what to do with a holiday. 

I am old enough to remember when a holiday was the trip to Blackpool, during 'shipyard fortnight', for the coal industry in the north east of England. I hated every minute. I was under 10, transplanted to the west coast and a B&B owned and run by Dents' which was comfortable! We took in shows, walked, avoided sand in the picnic sandwiches on the beach, and went to the amusement park. I think we did this for around 4 consecutive years. People don't behave the same. You hear phrases like 'Don't we're on holiday!"

The holiday that I've recently returned from was nothing like that. It was expensive, sensorily stimulating, varied and decadent. There was part of the time away on a cruise ship. Seven nights in fact. The ship, the Norwegian Jewel, was medium in size - around 3000 passengers - and set off for seven nights from Seattle to Skagway in Alaska and back. There were a number of Americans on board which was hardly surprising but they were different. I have been to the USA on a previous holiday and found the people were, kind, friendly and helpful. On holiday they were different. I hope that I was not as rude, overbearing and greedy but you never know.

Writing includes moments when you have to manipulate characters, if they'll allow, to behave different to their norm. This can provide moments of vulnerability, opportunities to display expertise and enhance the personality of lead characters.

Totally different  tack - I'm contemplating a pet. A dog in fact. More specifically a greyhound. There are many retired racing dogs and they are quiet and gentle. They are described as good apartment dogs because of their placid nature and the need to sleep for 18 hours a day. Even so they are a responsibility. I've had cats in a previous life but as a child had a boxer dog. I prefer dogs. 
It isn't the cost of pet insurance, feeding the beast, collecting it's poo or damage to my furniture but the responsibility. I am a person who takes his responsibilities seriously. I live alone. What should I do?

God Bless