Monday, 14 October 2013

A Tuesday Recipe -Beef stew with Lyonnaise potatoes

Just to prove that I made the meal - look at the steam!!

This stew is quite different from others that I've made in that it only contains carrots, borlotti beans and potatoes. There is no beef stock that was substituted with a french red wine. Altogether a very rich tasting stew. The potatoes could rightly be described as 'posh chips'. The difference being that the potatoes are sliced, and fried in olive oil and butter - not exactly 'skinny chips'! Of course one mustn't forget the onion and garlic.
As usual I haven't followed the recipe to the Nth degree so the potatoes should have had a sprinkling of breadcrumbs and a sprig of fresh parsley. Frankly I couldn't see the point!

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I am a father of three grown up children and as such did all that I could to protect as well as nurture my children. I am fortunate in that all three have grown into fully functioning and capable members of society. During the time they were very small, if we went anywhere for the day or longer they were never out of our sight and they weren't ever kidnapped!
You're right. That is a dig at the McCanns. They are both doctors and white middle class parents. Let me say straight away that I really hope they can get Madeleine back because not having their little girl must hurt every minute of every day. Some of the hurt must be coming from feelings of guilt. They left the children unsupervised in their holiday home believing that it was okay just to check every hour or so. WRONG!
Now because they have resources and powerful friends the authorities are moving heaven and earth to try and find the little girl 6 years on. Call me cynical but if they hadn't been in the position they're in it wouldn't happen. I'd even go a step further and say that for less well healed people they would have been prosecuted for neglect because that is the bottom line. The child was snatched because the criminals knew she would be left alone!
I do hope they get their baby back and that they've learned their lesson.

God Bless