Monday, 21 October 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Egg molee

Egg Molee

This was a dish cooked in Rick Stein's programme chronicling his journey to India. It was cooked by an Indian housewife and looked fairly straightforward so I thought I'd 'have a go'. Now remembering that having a load of fresh stuff that won't all get used I bought ready prepared spices and herbs. Now the first use of prepared stuff tends not to bad but they do deteriorate. The important thing was that making this meal became a bit of a 'eureka' moment. I've tried making curries before and in all honesty there was always something missing. 
I remember years ago being invited to some Asian peoples' house for supper and watching the lady of the house make the curry. I'd never achieved that level of expertise and so every time I made a curry, which I love to eat, I ended up disappointed. So last week I was tempted by Rick Stein.
There is no particular secret but in the method it is important to melt butter, cook mustard seeds till they begin to pop, stir in chilli and tumeric and after a few minutes add the remaining spices then add the meat or whatever you are currying!

The full recipe is on the appropriate TAB.

God Bless