Monday, 7 October 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Korroke (croquettes) + celebrities

This recipe came from the blog. Korroke are favourites in Japan and they are so simple to make. You can use them as a vehicle for 'using up' whatever you have in the cupboards. The fillings that I used were curry, cheese and onion,  and pickle. All worked pretty well but the range could include minced beef or tuna. I served them on a bed of shredded cabbage sweated for about 5 minutes in boiling water with salt and black pepper. 
I don't intend to post on my recipe page for the simple reason that it is so simple. The basic is mashed potato and then the fillings are mixed with the potato before covering in flour, dipping in beaten egg and breadcrumbs then deep frying for about 5 minutes. If you decide on minced beef then that should be cooked first.

Harry Redknapp

'arry has written a book! You may say that is not unusual and as a soccer legend a publisher would take his work on board with a guaranteed market irrespective of quality. What is unusual is that Harry used his life long illiteracy as defence against a fraud charge less than two years ago! I assume he had a ghostwriter either that or some teacher has performed some miracle.


Malala Yousafzai

This child, who has been speaking out for girls being educated in Pakistan, was targeted by the Talaban, aged 15. Shot in the head she was brought to the UK where surgery has restored her physical appearance and repaired inflicted disabilities. Why was she shot? She continued to speak out for girls' education. Any need to say more?

God Bless