Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Poetry Thursday 81 - Review - Electronic Tablets

I am a bit of a sucker for gadgets so I bought myself a tablet this week. What must be remembered following those two facts is that I am a male of the species and as such don't read instructions. I like to take the thing out of the box and turn it on. Now in the past I've on occasions had to turn off and start again but on this occasion I was able to get cracking straight away. Samsung are very good at this male condition because they only provide you with a pretty skimpy 'Quick Start' guide and all additional help is on the gadget.

Over recent holidays, Rome in April and Canada last month, I noticed the increasing use of tablets for taking photos. As a result of their size they are more intrusive than a standard camera or mobile phone but they do produce a rather good result. 

At meetings I have noticed more and more tablets appearing on the table in front of delegates.

Finally, there are three preachers that have used tablets for their sermon notes at our church.

A sure signal that Tablets are taking over. I have not found all the benefits of mine but already I can use it to control my TV and there is greater use of voice control so all quite exciting if you like that sort of thing. Below are some thoughts on Tablets in our world.

Tablet takeover?

An interesting place to write
Somewhere different to practise the art
Let all imagination take flight
Allow mind and body to part

Are electric tablets too small
For the scope of the human mind?
Wouldn't a great  Chinese wall
Come closer for stuff of that kind?

Alone what can they achieve?
Are their digital powers limitless?
Or like us are they naive
Alone - gauche and brainless

Is there an app for everything
To control all that we began
Will it take over our being
And even our busy brains scan

How can we let it take hold
To run all that is precious to us
That kind of future is cold
No way for the world to progress

We require a sense of proportion
To enjoy the electronic facilities
So let’s proceed with caution
And use our own abilities
©David L Atkinson October 2013

God Bless