Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Poetry Thursday 82 - Competition and challenge

I have a two-fold offering for you this week. Firstly, at three o'clock the other morning I woke thinking along the lines of 'Wouldn't it be weird.' Secondly, the Poetry Society are accepting entrants for their annual competition and I include my entries below.

Is it weird?

Is it weird to consider that the earth is round
spinning benignly in space making hardly a sound?
That what we hear - the noise and the fuss
is a symphony playing to comfort us.

Is it weird to consider when alone in my place
that I'm the sole member of the human race?
Without site or sound of any other,
there is no evidence of friend or brother

Is it weird to consider the existence of fish
who swim the vast oceans but end on a dish,
who's mind is too simple to appreciate
the beauty of the soup that they populate?

Is it weird to consider ?

I haven't finished this poem as yet. It is of the type that may never be finished, it will just keep getting longer! 

CHALLENGE - Perhaps you would like to add the odd verse!


The Poetry Society are currently accepting entries for their annual Poetry Competition. If you go to the above link there are a complete set of rules and methods of entering. I entered the following two efforts because I'm still dazzled by the amazing visit I made to Canada recently.

The Canadian Wilderness

Vast tracts of uncluttered land
untouched by meddling human hand.
Vertical cliffs of wind-carved stone
towering conifers in groups and alone.

Valleys carved by long dead glaciers
u-shaped telling of harsher winters.
V-shaped now gouged by rapid streams
vertical waterfalls on which sun gleams.

Voluminous bodies of water shape the terrain
waiting for winter’s hand to still them again.
No human interference in most Canadian places
a country devoid of people’s disgraces.
©David L Atkinson September 2013

No bears

We were promised black and wild grizzly bears.
There would be cougar, maybe moose and deer.
Bald eagles, osprey will display their wares.
But it seems they always fail to appear!
Neither in coach nor train did we see them.
Wildlife in Canada plainly missing.
Banff to Vancouver we didn’t hear them!
Only man is frequently presenting.
Grouse Mountain held the answer of grizzlies.
Sadly both wolves were out the day we came!
Lumberjacks cavorted aloft dizzily
Animal life’s agenda not the same.

No one to blame for the creatures missing
Rather the seasons turn round progressing.
©David L Atkinson September 2013

God Bless