Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Poetry Thursday 84 - The Sea

One of my favourite topics once again folks. I love the sea and all its moods and the poem below just about describes the sea in all of its' moods. The photographs were taken by yours truly.

The Sea

Like a hyperactive child on caffeine
even when calm – it’s not.
The gentle ruffling of the surface
is like the windblown hair on a grizzlies back
hiding the immense power beneath.

When the swell moves the water
it is simply flexing its fluid musculature,
like an athlete warming up for the main event,
demonstrating the immense power
and capacity for maximum performance.

The crashing waves of a broken sea
expressing itself in sound and motion,
irrepressible and totally ruthless in nature.
Like an assassin caring nothing for
enemies or friends alike.

Once again calm and seemingly benign,
enjoy the benefits while you can.
Sail, fish, swim, surf, ski, row and dive
for tomorrow the playground may be different.
Petulance is the nature and violence the mode of expression.
©David L Atkinson October 2013

God Bless