Friday, 4 October 2013

Writing - 'The 51st State'

I have some excellent supporters from Venture Galleries, you will see the logo at the bottom right of this page, and currently they are serialising my 2nd Steele novel 'The 51st State'. The interest in the book has increased since they began doing this wonderful  job for me.

Most of the interest is in the USA as that is where Venture are based but I would recommend any UK writer to delve into the website there is a wealth of material there.

For everyone I just thought I'd  refresh the memory of some detail about this second Steele novel.

The nemesis of all that is wrong in the world is applying his skills to drive a wedge between the USA and the UK - why?
Patrick A Steele is principally an Englishman. He finds the influence that the USA enjoys within his country to be abhorrent and decides that he should research into the possibility of doing something about the ‘special relationship’ to which the two nations profess.
Patrick Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills. He has made himself a self-styled Robin Hood available to right the wrongs of society using his skills as an accountant and a man of violence.
The Gurentai, a more benevolent sub-group of the Japanese Yakuza, set Steele up with a Swiss bank account with sufficient remuneration to purchase an empty factory unit and set it up as a training facility and garage. 
After persuading his Japanese companion, Takuo Sumisu and Naomi Kobayashi, to become involved, he also elicits assistance from the German and French secret services. There then ensues a variety of actions that take Patrick and his Japanese allies across Europe and eventually to the US before returning to the UK.

Will the efforts of Patrick and his cronies be enough to drive a rift between the USA and the UK? Discover the outcome in ‘The 51ST State’

It is interesting that some members of the Senate and Congress of the USA use the term '51st State' to describe any place in the world that they feel should be absorbed under the 'protective' wing of the USA because of the resources it has to offer or behaviours exhibited. Quite a colonial attitude for a country that rebelled against colonialism!

To further push this book I have added the first Chapter to the 'Extracts' tab at the top of this page. I hope you enjoy the read and are tempted to buy. 

The book is available on Amazon, and from the websites of all major retailers in paperback, and electronically at Amazon for Kindle, W H Smith for Kobo and Smashwords for Nook.

God Bless