Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Writing - Change the World

Change the World

            If I ruled the world! What a concept! This topic is, for me, very broad. When you were born in the middle of the last century change throws innumerable experiences in your way that you wish hadn’t happened. I am going to have to limit my ideas so here we go.
            Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a communist because I believe that if you’ve earned something then you deserve to benefit from whatever it is, but here are a few suggestions.

Shareholders round the globe would only be allowed dividends at the level of inflation. The money saved to be paid into the health organisations. The reason for this is that companies lose the focus for which they were originally created and spend too much on producing huge profits which then they share with a relatively tiny number of people.

 All weapons manufacturers’ plants to be re-calibrated to make equipment for hospitals. Alongside this, research into weaponry to be outlawed. Need I say more?
 Millionaires to be required to support charities without tax relief. Bill Gates is a leader in this area and should be emulated by the 1% of the people in the world that control all the wealth.

In the World’s Governments the representatives to be required to give up all extraneous ways of earning money apart from their salary. If a person takes on the job of being a member of a government they should spend all of their time representing the constituency that they have been elected to serve and not spending 2 or 3 days a week carrying out other work.

Now they were the reasonably sensible and not altogether impossible things that I would like to change. However, I have a second list that would probably end up with me being arrested!!!

    All people with an IQ lower than 100, along with violent criminals and Newcastle United supporters to be sterilised.

    To be allowed to have children couples should be required to be able to support themselves on one salary for the first five years of the child’s life so that a child would have a parent at home full time. After the age of five it will attend school. The parent looking after the child being available until the child reaches high school age, to take and collect the child from school. This would allow the second parent to have a part time job.

    Retirement age to be reduced to 55 so that the jobs vacated could be taken by school leavers. This would be cyclic in the way that a child on attaining the age of 14 would be given a list of jobs that would become available when they reached the age of 16, 18 or 21. The incumbent of the job chosen by the child would then be retiring. The child could then choose a career path with a definite job at the end of it and the necessary training to be able to take on that work. This would save a fortune in benefits and guarantee a workforce.

    I would do away with all ‘do-gooders’ organisations. So those organisations that tell us what to eat, how to look, how to behave, how to travel and many more. Their pronouncements are usually one of two types and that is either obvious or unnecessary.

  The fact is of course that there are pet hates that drive all things we would change in the world but what I’d really like to see is a change in the level of tolerance that we have for each other as human beings. It is intolerance that generates so much misguided and dangerous hatred.


   Readwave - The above is an example of one of the weekly writing challenges from Readwave.com. It's a useful exercise to write 'shorts' and if you're like me, unless someone is coming up with ideas, I tend to drift away. For me readwave.com is providing a great service. Also it provides another audience which is never a bad thing.

   God Bless