Friday, 11 October 2013

Writing - The future is now

 On a similar theme to yesterday there are more awards This time its the Dyson Awards for new inventions I assume sponsored by James Dyson the inventor of the power cleaner of the same name. I haven't include the whole short list but tried to feature objects that could be useful in SF stories.

Engineering the future: The 2013 Dyson award shortlist


This is a gadget that uses wind to charge itself up and can then be used to re-charge other appliances like smart phones.
Comb – Muldenkipper

Driverless dump truck from Austria. What a great Bond-like vehicle to give your hero/heroine in a futuristic story. Obviously it would be without a driver but not a dump truck.

Titan Arm

The Titan is an exoskeleton that promises to boost the strength of the wearer. What every super hero requires.


Handie is a prosthetic hand whose components can be reproduced by 3D printer and hence makes maintenance of the hand cheaper. There are two elements to this, firstly the prosthesis and secondly, a 3D printer. I know I've mentioned the latter because a couple of years ago one of my children mentioned the idea in passing and now they are available.

There are many other laudable inventions some of which are for monitoring medical conditions and so on. The leaps forward in technology are amazing and as writers we need to stay up-to-date with such progress as well as creative in the use. 

'Q Branch' are going to have to move their thinking forward!


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