Thursday, 31 October 2013

Writing - The meaning of life = 42

I find it interesting and perfectly natural for people who write to expound their personal philosophies on everything from life to art and the myriad of aspects of relationships. As a very private person I rarely open up enough to say what my own perspective is on all sorts of things and when I do I become very defensive if there is perceived criticism coming back to me as a result. 
Given the above I penned, literally wrote words on paper with a pen, some ideas. I came to the conclusion that, although Douglas Adams would have us believe that 42 is the meaning of life, there are probably 42 philosophies within our brains. So here are a couple of my feelings about aspects of my life.

My Philosophy

Philosophy is defined as the study of time, life basics, aesthetics and a myriad of other vague and meaningful stuff. One philosophy that I believe is part of the way I have operated for a number of years is as follows:-

'get the little things right and everything else will follow'

That has applied in all aspects of my life and I'm aware it is a little OCD in nature but then if you know me then it fits. The second phrase that came to mind is regarding the aesthetic and in that I include writing.

'if you have the idea you might like to try something creative then have a go'

In my life I have tried many different ways of trying to express myself creatively from writing, to painting, knitting, and stage performance. If I'd been bright enough and brave enough in my younger days I would have given up teaching for writing but I was brought up to be a hard working artisan rather than an airy fairy artist. 
I appreciate the second mantra is fraught with pitfalls around the area of skill levels but artistic tendencies are such that if there is a drive to try then quite often that comes along with the desire to achieve. This will lead to practising the skills necessary to achieve success.

I was inspired to write the above because I have been asked to be a staff reviewer for the site. As yet I'm only partially aware of what that entails but I do know that it is about encouraging people to write. It would be easy to behave like the literary agents, gatekeepers, and just say NO! I don't believe the creative urge should be squashed in anyone and so I will try to be encouraging first and constructive secondly.


You may wonder why I'm including this picture in a blog principally concerned with philosophy. Well I should perhaps leave it there and have you work that out yourselves. It is at the very least an expression of innocence in a place of great power and the reaction of public and media would suggest that innocence wins hands down! It also reminds me of my own church where the children wander quite freely and the atmosphere it creates is so good that the religion is more positive. Yes it can be noisy at times and some of the less liberal members of the congregation mutter discontentedly but I believe it raises more smiles than scowls.

God Bless