Thursday, 17 October 2013

Writing - Why? Marketing and sales.

Photo: This is way too true. The only other thing that measures up is when I eat ice cream or hug my kidlets <3

One of my many writing colleagues, Melissa Foster, put this on her Facebook status this morning and I thought that I'd share it with you as it reflects one of the feelings I have when I write.


Marketing and selling.

 Every so often I have a push on one of my books or the poetry collection 'The Musings of a Confused Mind'. I have the poetry published in paperback by Amazon's Create Space programme and enrolled it on KDP Select. This has been the case for a while. Every now and again I give the book away on Amazon's Select service. It usually means that between a dozen and twenty copies are downloaded but the good side effect is that a few of the Steele novels are purchased which is pleasing. Last weekend it was 'Inceptus' that attracted purchasers. I shouldn't be greedy but they are still only going in ones rather than tens! Perhaps I'm a crap writer.

One thing I haven't done as yet is to try the free days on consecutive weekends but that's what I will try this weekend. So beginning tomorrow through to Sunday the poetry will be free again. - Kindle copy - Kindle copy



I received an email from a friend yesterday that had an attachment with some amazing photographs from the natural world that appear unreal. If you require a boost to your inspiration button I have shared a couple of the pics with you.

Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

A Wisteria Tunnel in Japan  

Zhangye Danxia Landform China

God Bless