Saturday, 30 November 2013

10 things we didn't know last week

1. White round plates make food taste better.

Its often said that we eat with our eyes!

2. The world's oldest known toilets were used by the dinodontosaurus, a rhino-like herbivore, some 240 million years ago.

3. Richard III ground his teeth.

He would certainly be grinding his teeth at the moment because the argument goes on about where his bones should be buried. His body was found beneath a car park in Leicester earlier this year and since then his relatives from Yorkshire have been trying to provide evidence that he wanted to be buried in York and of course he was head of the House of York.
In Leicester there have been preparations to bury his body in the cathedral but until the hiatus has been resolved nothing will happen.

4. Massachusetts colonists drank an estimated average of 35 gallons of cider per person during the year 1767.

5. Earwigs use a chemical cloud to protect themselves from illness and predators.


6. There's a twins-only military unit in Russia.

How on earth do the officers know who is doing what? I wonder how many occasions there are where one twin has stood in for their sibling?


7. Mushrooms weep to create their own wind in order to carry their spores further.


8. Some 55% of middle names in the UK are chosen to commemorate relatives.

Now this is certainly true of my family :-

My father - Leslie Atkinson
Me - David Leslie Atkinson
No. 1 son - Ross David Atkinson
No. 2 son - Nicholas Matthew Atkinson (Matthew was my father's brother)
Daughter - Charlotte Ruth Atkinson - no links whatsoever although she could have been Alice, Linda Maud or Lily!
Having done some genealogy looking back on my father's side there is a record of the name Matthew going back into the 1850s.


9. Barn owls recognise the calls of their brothers and sisters.


10. Robbie Williams is the most-featured artist in the Now That's What I Call Music compilation series, with 28 singles.

God Bless