Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cessation update & 10 things we didn't know last week


Proof copies have arrived and are ready to be checked.

I've started writing my sixth Steele novel but I am in a quandary. The first 5 were written in the first person, Cessation is in the third person, and I want to change style to the third person for Steele. Is that a no no????
Help please!!!!


Here we go again, another week of trivia!

1. You can make cheese from the bacteria of human tears, belly buttons and noses.

2. The average time taken to drink half a pint of beer in pubs on a November Saturday night in Brighton in 1938 was 7.3 minutes.

3. The market value of a diplodocus skeleton in the UK is between £400,000 and £600,000.

If you nicked one it would be a dickens of a job getting it home or fencing it!


4. Promiscuous female mice rear sons who are more attractive to females.

How do you know what a promiscuous mouse is like?????

5. It's impossible to tickle yourself by pretending someone else is doing the tickling.

6. The Pope says he goes to confession at least fortnightly as he's a sinner.

7. Film actor John Wayne coined the phrase "the Big C" to avoid naming cancer.

8. Shaking hands with your middle finger folded in is considered lewd in Dubai.


Audrey 2

9. Humans seem to be born with an innate distrust of plants.

Hardly surprising!
10. New York City mechanical street sweepers cover 6,000 miles a day at eight miles per hour.

God Bless