Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Poetry Thursday 86 - What if........?

It never ceases to give me great pleasure when inspiration strikes. I have found two different types of inspiration on the same number of occasions at my church in the last 24 hours. I attended a Taize service last evening which included periods of silence to allow for reflection. I know that perhaps I should have been thinking more about other things of a more religious nature but who can stop ideas floating into the consciousness. I received an idea for the next stage of my dystopian style novel 'Cessation'. 
At a morning service today the celebrant gave a sermon which concerned today's blog title - 'What if....?' which made me think about a poetic version.

Sliding Doors

What if I’d stayed at home today?
What if I’d refused to go out and play?
What if I’d never said that I do?
What if I’d cared more for who?

What if the holiday plane had crashed?
What if all my hopes weren’t repeatedly dashed?
What if the world was completely at peace?
What if all fights were programmed to cease?

What if I’d been offered that lucrative post?
What if the cat hadn’t got himself lost?
What if everyone in the world had dared?
What if everyone in the world cared?

What if all real ale was free?
What if a publisher contacted me?
What if I could afford a new house?
What if a lady wished to be my spouse?

What if Santa really was for real?
What if someone else cooked the Christmas meal?
What if reindeer know how to fly?
What if there's a Christmas where no one will cry?

©David L Atkinson November 2013

The beauty of this style of poem is that anyone out there can adapt it to suit their own situation and can make it as fun or as serious as you like. The title is from the film of that name because it deals with a range of 'what if' scenarios. 
As Christmas approaches there's also the possibility of other 'what if's of the more frivolous kind.

Of course there  is an underlying message for every human being in the 'what if' scenario.


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Right - back to writing the penultimate chapter of Cessation.

God Bless