Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poetry Thursday 87 - Writing compulsion

Doris Lessing 1919 - 2013

At a time when I'm editing, searching for a book cover, basically preparing a finished story for publication all I want to do is write. In fact what I would really like to do is begin my next book. The late Doris Lessing seemed to be the type of writer who just couldn't stop. When you dip your toes in the literary water it can't be wiped away (let's not take that metaphor any further!). Again I use the words of Monty Wildhorn from 'The Magic of Belle Isle' 

'Are you sure you want to step into this mysterious realm? You may get lost in there and not be able to find your way out.'

Writing is time consuming, rewarding and compulsive and if you are fortunate financially rewarding - not got there yet! I haven't had time to create a new poem this week because of the above preparations but the offering below from last year seemed appropriate.


There is a dynamism related to writing
An addiction
Like the drive experienced from repeated adrenaline rushes
Takes over your life and pleads for attention

It’s ok really not threatening in any way
The result of countless previous encounters
Happy to revisit
I can maintain the balance – I can

There have been no ill side effects so far
It’s safe
I don’t know what the future will bring
There it is again – the adrenaline
©David L Atkinson August 2012

Poetry is one outlet that for me is a written response to an emotion.

I have tried several times to describe poetry but Robert Frost did it so much more eloquently! It always slightly surprises me when you have authors who say that they don't write poetry. To me it is like a painter saying that they don't sketch!

God Bless