Saturday, 2 November 2013

Writing - 10 things we found out

1. Reindeer eyes change colour over the course of a year.

It is also the weekend where the male deer sows his wild oats!

2. The Chinese for nouveau riche is "tuhao".

3. Red underwear is popular in Wales, while those in North-West England buy a lot of thongs.

4. Nervous dogs wag their tails to the left, and happy dogs to the right (from the dog's point of view) - and fellow canines pick up on this lop-sided tail language.

5. People who eat large amounts of chocolate have trimmer stomachs.

Now I know that this is not true!

6. The mathematical chance of meeting your soul mate is one in 10,000.

I think this may be wrong as I am on around a million.

7. A long-term lover is known as a "small house" in Zimbabwe.

I'm reminded of a quote from a film  which was,
Don't get married just find a woman who'll hate you in five years and give her your house.'

8. Mosquitoes tune into the same frequency of wing beat as the others around them.

This is rather like humans who have a tendency to mirror friends and colleagues behaviours.

9. A smartphone can stop a bullet.

I wouldn't want to try this one out.

10. Amazon's original name was to be Relentless - and the URL still redirects to the company website.


Here is the news

A wild boar which has been on the loose in Alderney for more than a month is thought to have swum there from the nearby French coast. Islanders have dubbed the boar "ghost pig", as it has only been seen at dusk. 
Wild boar are commonly found in Normandy, the coast of which lies seven miles (11km) to the east of Alderney.

God Bless