Friday, 1 November 2013

Writing - be artistic in your own way

As writers we are working within the field of the arts. We all work in our own way within our own genre - we express ourselves. I have seen a video of the artist, featured below, sitting on a park bench 'drawing' people live. Her website has some great work -

Barack Obama on a typewriter

The artist who makes pictures with a typewriter

In a world of computers and smartphones, the humble typewriter seems long-forgotten as a means to communicate.
But one woman has found a continuing use for the machines and it has nothing to do with writing words.
Keira Rathbone uses the letters, numbers and symbols to create art - from tiny stick figures to huge multi-page montages.
She says she began the technique after sitting at a typewriter with a desire to type, but nothing to say.

The artist was born in Reading, England in 1983. She fell in love with art during her A level years and ended up with a degree in Fine Arts from Bristol.


Monty Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman - Magic of Belle Isle) on typewriters.

'throw her in the garbage. She's a black-hearted whore and I'm done with her'

'I like the way it feels when the letters bite into the paper'

He also refers to the fact that typing slows you down and I can see the benefit in that. I hope reading this makes you think about how you express yourself artistically.

God Bless