Thursday, 21 November 2013

Writing - Cessation -proof of existence

This is the cover for 'Cessation' and is representative of what you will find inside the covers. I felt that it shows technology, the escalator and the train on the right devoid of their power which symbolises for me what could happen in our society. There is a sad emptiness about this picture which is devoid of its bustling history.



The story is a speculative journey into a possible future that may lie ahead of us all. There is evidence that such a future may not be impossible. We’ve been warned that unless we increase the ability to produce electricity there could be power cuts in the next ten years. Our modern day lives are permeated through with the need for electricity and its production.
            Although ‘Cessation’ could be categorised as a dystopian story I find that rather a negative word and the purpose of writing the tale is to allow elements of hope in a seemingly desperate situation.
            The story begins in 2023 a couple of years after the lights go out for the last time. Our group of survivors are thrown together on a farm in the low Pennines north of the M62 motorway and within striking distance of a number of northern towns which could prove useful for supplies. Initially the group is small and live on a farm called ‘Serendipity’ but as time passes the size of the group waxes and wanes for a variety of reasons and circumstances.
            There are many elements within this tale one of which is the building of relationships between groups of people in similar circumstances. If the human race is to survive then there is a necessity for cooperation but can you always trust your trading partners? When groups are formed it may be for a variety of reasons some of which may not be for the enhancement of peace and harmony with their fellow man. The terrain plays an important part in providing natural barriers between groups but even that aspect of life in the wild can be manipulated!

State of Play

The book is not ready for release as yet, probably in two or three weeks, as I am waiting for proof copies then my proof readers will need time before I will be ready with my final manuscript. It is possible that I will have some paperback copies by Christmas.


I find that when I have written a book, from the first to this my sixth, I am releasing a part of myself into the public gaze. Like all skills, writing is a dynamic process and so I know that this latest book is the best I've written so far, purely from a skills level. Also I'm aware that the first book 'I Have To Get It Right' could do with a re-write to improve the technical side but part of me is resisting the temptation because that was me four years ago. To rewrite would be a sanitising process which may take away from the story.
When you write you are producing a piece of personal work which is you, the writer, speaking and when you speak you can't take back the words uttered irrespective of how much you may regret what you have said.

Poetry is one outlet that for me is a written response to an emotion.

I have tried several times to describe poetry but Robert Frost did it so much more eloquently! It always slightly surprises me when you have authors who say that they don't write poetry. To me it is like a painter saying that they don't sketch!

God Bless