Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Writing - Happiness is egg-shaped


            Over the years of my life I have been happy most of the time. That’s not to say that I have always been happy but even in the darkest hours there have been pinpricks of joy. You may not have guessed it as yet but I’m happy when I’m writing. I am happy when my football team wins a game. Enduring happiness comes from watching the lives of my three children, but that can be a double edged sword. When they bleed I bleed!
            Although I am now living my life alone I am not unhappy and one of the reasons for that is I have the opportunity to write whatever and whenever I want. My father hated the misuse of the English language and often complained and railed at the broadcasters who chewed up our language. What he, and I at the time, didn’t realise was that he was giving me a love for words. That love for words led me to initially attempt poetry writing but eventually to writing novels of which I have completed six. However, it is the poetry that gives me an opportunity to express my feelings and which, in turn, gives satisfaction or happiness.
            So for a change I am going to share some verse of mine on the theme of happiness in its many forms. First of all a symptom of the affliction:-


Like the finest wine delighting the palette
a smile that grows wider until you yell it.
Bursting from within to the disturbance of others.
Drawing together as if we are brothers.

Better than running on treadmill or road
yet muscles aching with the exploded load.
Cheeks and sides feel like they’re splitting
until tears course down the face and are dripping

Heat that is generated free of charge
spreading outward wide and large.
No one can denigrate production of sound
there is more than enough to go around.

There are no decriers - that is jealousy!
This the basest of human heresy.
So if the opportunity presents - grasp it
your soul will sing with joy exquisite.
©David L Atkinson September 2012

                So we know the sound produced by a large dose of happiness but as I said earlier it is but a symptom, an outcome of being happy. So what makes me happy? Well I’ve outlined some examples earlier but one I didn’t mention was the euphoria enjoyed when someone congratulates you on a job well done, and I’m not talking about the faux congratulations you get from company superiors which are at best sick making in the level of their falseness. I’m talking about genuine heartfelt congratulations on producing a good piece of work. Now in my life it is writing for which I crave the approval but that is only for me, the enduring joy is from my children. I have two boys and a girl, I have written for all of them but I wrote this next piece for her,

Daddy Lizard

Beautiful, blonde, blue eyed, bouncing baby,
brain in advance of articulation,
evolved to a scintillating lady.
Paternal trademark exasperation.

A Saurian sire or normal dad,
handle bestowed by the loved ancestors.
Interpretation of sound - nothing bad
full chronicle for formal registers.

Affection maintains the childish label,
no detriment felt over spread of time.
 Much loved, warm glow over years enabled
from such a simple utterance sublime.

Listen to the mouths of babes uttering,
derive pleasure from simple stuttering.
©David L Atkinson August 2012

                It is often advised that when you have children, or any regular dealings with little people, you should carry a notepad to record the joyous things that they say and do. I suppose that indicates to some degree that ‘fun’ or happiness can be found in innocence.
            Finally, I suppose in talking about this subject, it must be said that we all have moments of happiness and can then say whether we are happy or not, related to the number of such occurrences. Happiness is a result of perception and therefore different for every person. I remember an old advertisement which stated that ‘happiness is egg shaped’ when in fact it is whatever shape suits you best. I leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde on the same subject, in which he said,

‘Some cause happiness wherever they go
while some cause happiness whenever they go!’

God Bless