Sunday, 24 November 2013

Writing - It's not what you know!!!


Proof copies passed on to proof readers.
I discussed the change from first to third person for my Steele novels and the only comment I've received so far is 'What about your fans?' which is a very small worry in proportion with my fan base!!!!!!


Now when I was a manager I did my best to work harder than the rest of the staff and also tried to show them that I was prepared to do the most menial task. There are some different ideas below!

An interesting couple of examples. The Archbishop of Canterbury has handled the negotiations on the creation of female bishops with great sensitivity and as a result has moved the negotiations closer to the acceptance of female bishops.

Then there is the man who was appointed to the board of the Cooperative Society.

Paul Flowers

From drug-taking and drink-driving to sex offences and fiddling expenses - not to mention being a bungling bank boss - the fall from grace of Paul Flowers has been extraordinary.

It is hard to think of a man who has fallen further and faster than the Reverend Paul Flowers. This time last week he was a pillar of the community as a Methodist minister, a trustee of Aids charity the Terrence Higgins Trust and chair of governors at a primary school.

His problems began last Sunday when a newspaper published devastating details of his double life as a gay sex maniac with a taste for crack cocaine and crystal meth who - in the words of one rent boy - used his status "to get young men off their heads for sex".

He was immediately suspended by the Methodist Church and the Terrence Higgins Trust while senior Labour politicians, who had once assiduously courted him for cheap loans and generous contributions, were pretending they barely knew him.


Well connected

It does make you wonder how on earth such people attain positions that can come under the umbrella of leadership. I have a theory, well it's hardly original, but can be covered by a well known saying,

'It's not what you know but who you know.'

This is true in all walks of life and includes the world of publishing to wit J K Rowling and the Potter books. As the story goes she'd been rejected quite a few times when her agent loaned the manuscript of 'The Philosopher's Stone' to an official at a publishers who gave it to his daughter to read who demanded more. After that the story you all well know.

What chance do mere mortals have? I suppose the bottom line is that we who are not well connected have to rely on talent! Oh well! I suppose I will continue to write for my own entertainment.

God Bless