Thursday, 7 November 2013

Writing - Silly news!

The Olympic torch being lit.

A Soyuz rocket carrying the torch for the Sochi Winter Olympics has docked with the International Space Station, as part of efforts to showcase next year's games in Russia.
On Saturday, two Russian cosmonauts will take it on a historic first spacewalk. The torch will not be lit.

The final sentence is amusing to say the least. A lack of oxygen would have caused the astronauts to struggle to get a spark! You can imagine the conversation,

"C'mon Ivan get a move on its cold out here!"
"Damn! My lighter's out of fuel. Have you got any matches Boris?"


In the wake of the many revelations of Edward Snowden, that the authorities keep describing him as a spy, the heads of 3 UK security agencies are going to appear on TV being questioned by MPs. Well it is sort of 'live'! There is a delay in case any of these heads of the sleuths organisations blurt out any state secrets so that they can be bleeped out!!!

GCHQ building in Cheltenham

GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban, MI5 director general Andrew Parker and MI6 chief Sir John Sawers will be quizzed by the Intelligence and Security Committee in public at 14:00 GMT.

There is a slight worry that these 3 extremely highly remunerated gentlemen may be so loosed tongued that this  delay is necessary! For the record it is my belief that Snowden is a liberator of the truth!


In a world where we can communicate freely with every corner of the world in seconds and where disease such as smallpox have been virtually eradicated, this article struck me as desperate.

Anatomical sketch of ligaments of the knee

Two knee surgeons in Belgium say they have identified a previously unfamiliar ligament in the human knee.
Writing in the Journal of Anatomy, they suggest the fibrous band could play a part in one of the most common sports injuries worldwide.

Despite glimpses of the ligament in medical history, this is the first time its structure and purpose have been so clearly established.

You know that question about 'can you name a famous Belgian?' - perhaps these two surgeons are going for national recognition.

Perhaps its just me but I thought that there was a certain strangeness about these articles.

God Bless