Friday, 8 November 2013

Writing - Wearing the plot

The Plot Thickens is often used ironically to indicate that a storyline has taken an unexpected turn and become more complicated.
It sells books and screenplays etc. Every writer would love to find the new version but folks it is going to be tough. Wilkie Collins is reputed to have started the process in 1868 in his book 'Moonstone' which is supposedly the first ever detective novel.

I have spent quite a considerable amount of time over the last couple of days writing what will be a couple of the closing chapters of Cessation. While in the midst I heard someone on TV say that you don't think up a plot but that the plot comes to you and you end up wearing it! It reminded me of yet another 'Monty Wildhorn' quote on imagination and story writing,

Are you sure you want to step into this mysterious realm? 
You may get lost in there and not be able to find your way out.

I love writing so getting lost in the plot holds no terrors for me and in fact if you accept that it is a part of the writing process then say goodbye to block. If you can live in your created scenario then you know every corner, every nook and cranny so understand what is necessary to exist in there.

Book Covers
As I am approaching the end of the writing process I need to start looking at possible book cover art
and because the novel is of the dystopian variety there are a number of possibilities one of which is below.

Then there is a more ironic, tongue in cheek covers.

Some pics I just enjoy the look of and think will it sell?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

God Bless