Monday, 23 December 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Light fish pie

Light Fish Pie

I know I have made a variety of fish pies but as Christmas was coming, and having already eaten two turkey meals (on separate occasions!), I saw the word 'light' and fancied fish hence the above.
There are only king prawns and smoked haddock, no cream and no herbs!!! It struck me as quite a plain recipe and, as I had some dried dill and fresh basil, then it seemed logical just to add some flavour without calories. I love fresh basil particularly with potatoes dishes and tomatoes. The dill is usually served with salmon but it goes well with most types of fish.

I served the fish pie with roast potatoes and garden peas as below.

The recipe is on the relevant TAB.

Books and stuff

Still on the subject of personalising Christmas the Carol concert at my church last evening was very well attended and well received. One of the favourite choir items was 'Bethlehem Down' and I found a link to it on youtube but it isn't our little church choir!

You may have to copy and paste to your browser.

After the performance we were saying farewell to a member of the choir who is moving away. She is a very kind lady and had previously bought all of my books. As we were saying farewell she said the words that all writers would love to hear at some time or another - 'keep writing you're a great storyteller'. The best Christmas present so far.

God Bless