Friday, 20 December 2013

My Christmas (2)

A Christmas Cold

All but one singing event complete trouble free and now I have the seemingly compulsory cold! On top of that I couldn't sleep because of nasal congestion, and was later than usual for my weekly trip to the supermarket!

Crowded supermarket

As I didn't arrive at the car park until after 9.00am and as it is the last Friday before Christmas, the car park was packed filling me full of trepidation. When I entered the multi-product emporium I wasn't surprised. It was heaving!
I hate shopping at the best of times but with a cough and accompanying less savoury cold symptoms (I leave those to your imagination.) it was not pleasant. Still I managed to purchase what I needed and was home by 10.30am.


The court case of fraud brought by Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi against two personal assistants has been not proven.
Having worked in the bank it is a simple fact that if you give someone your credit or debit card and the pin number then you have handed over access and it can not be fraud.
Justice has been served.

Marketing and Sales

Since launching Cessation there has been an increase in movement of all my books. Last night I sold a complete set of Steele novels to a friend which was wonderful.
It struck me that although the Steele novels stand alone they do follow on and could well be sold as a series as opposed to a serial!

And on the bookcase,

but wouldn't it be good to sell multiple sets!!!

God Bless