Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Poetry Thursday 89 - Scrooge's View


Cessation story
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This week's offering

Scrooge’s View

He disliked his life so took little part.
Money printed by business without heart.
Locked away while Marley worked at passing,
counting his heaps was of his own choosing.
Ebeneezer’s lot was not a happy one
but his existence had a steady aim,
and he knew that no other was to blame.

Marley returned – a restless spirit disturbed
warning his partner of what the future held.
Presaged the visitations of Christmas messengers,
of three ethereal future forecasters.
Scrooge would have preferred to be without,
wishing for night’s sleep with no dreaming.
He did not need pictures filled with doubt
to contradict a life of fiscal scheming.

The visits happened as predicted they would
leaving Scrooge in a very different mood.
His spirit lifted and life could become kind
if the miser was of a more positive mind.
The spirits of Christmas past, present and future
had shown how helpful he could be,
to guide, support and be a teacher
to colleagues, friends and family.
©David L Atkinson December 2013

God Bless