Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Poetry Thursday 90 - Christmas - Belle's Sonnet

For those who are unfamiliar with 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens (it's time you were) Belle was Scrooge's girl friend when he was a young man.


Belle’s Sonnet

A lovely man with marvellous prospects
pays attention and woos me in dances.
Takes me towards what the love struck expects
gambling together on future's chances.
Time like the onrushing wind is passing
and my heart is yearning for his presence.
Scrooge works hard – golden fortune amassing
I’m still possessing my soul in patience.
There comes a time when you can wait no more
when your own life is passing in limbo.
‘It’s too late Scrooge I release you in law
it is time to take my future and go.

Belle’s life takes a turn good marriage she makes.
While Scrooge alone loveless money he takes.

©David L Atkinson December 2013

This is the third poem in the 'A Christmas Carol' series. Rather like the characters in my books taking over the plot, the idea has taken me forward. I don't know at this point whether there will be anymore.
For whatever reason Christmas seems to be much more vibrant this year and that led to the words spewing on to the page for yesterday's Readwave challenge - A Christmas Story - which would be probably better re-worked as 'Christmas advice from Rudi II'. I've had quite a number of hits, kind people reading the piece, but there is also a thought, perhaps half a thought, that it might warrant expansion into a meatier piece. A children's literary character perhaps? One to consider!

God Bless

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