Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Poetry Thursday 90 - Dickens Christmas

Charles Dickens

Cratchit at Christmas

Managing on a meagre wage
to continue life on this dear stage.
But Tim will die in less than a year
if the present conditions remain so drear.

Father Bob is doing his best
to provide for his wife, Tim and the rest.
Year by year Scrooge tightens the screw
the better to watch how his gold mountain grew.

His past life shown by help from above
nobody would know Scrooge capable of love.
But he himself lived life suppressed
ruled by wifeless father much distressed.

What will happen should things not change
the fates of many not rearranged?
Your mean acceptance of inevitability
of prison and workhouse chilly charity.

The future filled with loneliness and pain
death will sing you a lonely refrain.
But learn the lessons and change your ways
then look forward to many better days.

‘Happy Christmas’ Scrooge guffaws.
The children hope for Santa Claus.
Bob Cratchit can’t believe his ears
bon homie after cheerless years.

Tim will live with Scrooge’s aid
a better life now Bob’s well paid.
The old city shines with a festive glow
bringing white chip sparkle to frost and snow.

Happy Christmas one and all!
It’s time for all to have a ball.
Happy Christmas ho ho ho!
The former miser’s face does glow.
©David L Atkinson November 2013

Scrooge’s View

He disliked his life so took little part.
Money printed by business without heart.
Locked away while Marley worked at passing,
counting his heaps was of his own choosing.
Ebeneezer’s lot was not a happy one
but his existence had a steady aim
To build his fortune before he’s done
and know that no other was to blame.

Marley returned – a restless spirit disturbed
warning his partner of what the future held.
Presaged the visitations of Christmas messengers,
of three ethereal future forecasters.
Scrooge would have preferred to be without.
Wishing for night’s sleep with no dreaming.
He did not need pictures filled with doubt
to contradict a life of fiscal scheming.

The visits happened as predicted they would
leaving Scrooge in a very different mood.
His spirit lifted and life could become kind
if the miser was of a more positive mind.
The spirits of Christmas past, present and future
had shown how helpful he could be,
to guide, support and be a teacher
to colleagues, friends and family.
©David L Atkinson December 2013

Belle’s Sonnet

A lovely man with marvellous prospects
pays attention and woos me in dances.
Takes me towards what the love struck expects
gambling together on futures chances.
Time like the onrushing wind is passing
and my heart is yearning for his presence.
Scrooge works hard – golden fortune amassing
I’m still possessing my soul in patience.
There comes a time when you can wait no more
when your own life is passing in limbo.
‘It’s too late Scrooge I release you in law
it is time to take my future and go.

Belle’s life takes a turn good marriage she makes.
While Scrooge alone loveless money he takes.
©David L Atkinson December 2013

Christmas Day

Do you think he's got enough?
Is the turkey cooked properly?
We've spent a fortune on the stuff!
He's playing away happily.

Why is it always the boxes?
Aunt Doris could be more helpful!
Hope heat doesn't cause me blotches.
Aunt Gladys never thinks me able.

He'll get into the toys tomorrow.
and Doris is the same every year.
Stick your head out for a blow.
Gladys has always been queer!

A beautiful meal - well done,
Time to take aged aunts home
How about brandy and a bun?
No more your shaped like a dome!

Happy Christmas one and all
we hope the message is clear.
Jesus is there to answer our call
and will be there again next year.
©David L Atkinson December 2013