Saturday, 14 December 2013

Writing - 10 things!

Archetypal cad - Terry Thomas

1. Until May 2013, "being an incorrigible rogue" was a criminal offence.


2. TV drama Broadchurch was inspired by Thomas Hardy's Wessex.

3. The coldest spots on earth are on mountain ridges in Antarctica, set a little bit down the slope from the top.


 4. When "guilty pleasure" first appeared in the New York Times, in 1860, it was used to describe a brothel.

5. China uses drones to monitor herds of wild yaks in a remote mountain region.

I'm having difficulty picturing a poor Chinese yak farmer sitting in his hut with the remote control of a drone driving the animals to a new pasture!


6. Birmingham City Council blocks the word "commie" from incoming email.

There are worse words!


7. American alligators position sticks on their snouts to lure birds to land on them.

An intriguing idea and dashed crafty, but really? If the bird lands on the stick then how does the alligator drop the stick and catch the bird?


8. James Bond's average weekly alcohol consumption was 92 units.

see yesterday's blog.


9. Proteins in the seeds of tropical plant Moringa oleifera can be used to purify water.


10. The Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) thought he might have been able to prevent World War II if he had remained on the throne.

This is a bit difficult to imagine as he had problems controlling his own political situation!

God Bless