Thursday, 5 December 2013

Writing - Christmas came early this year - reviewed

Cessation is currently launching. The paperback version is available from the publisher, on (you may have to copy and paste)

Electronic versions are available for Kindle from Amazon and also from Smashwords. In both cases search under the name David L Atkinson or 'Cessation'. It will take a little longer to get on to the websites of the major retailers.

So what has this to do with Christmas coming early? Well that is actually a bit of a ploy! It's true that decorations and gifts have been for sale in the supermarkets since October with only a slight hiccough for Halloween. It's also true that Christmas movies have been showing almost 24/7 since mid November, and that I did my cleaning yesterday to clear the dust for the decorations to go up. Of course, that will all be criticised by the naysayers and that is really my point. Read on!

Even after four years and seven books there are still people out there who don't really believe that I  am a writer. Oh some think of me a teacher who retired and now writes a bit but they don't take the writing seriously. That is a source of frustration which is only alleviated by those handful of close people who are keeping the faith and buying my efforts and to them I say a great big thank you. 
There is one aspect of writing books which is a source of frustration - reviews!

I actually struggle with reviews. When I write reviews, and I'm a staff reviewer on the Readwave website, even if I'm not bowled over by a story, I look for the positive. It is rare that I can't find something positive to say about a writer's efforts. In fact reviewers really need to begin from the premise that the author of a piece of work has produced the words with the blood, sweat and tears of their soul. It is my wish that those glib critics who destroy work with their socially acceptable opinions be locked away in a small cell with a Remington Noiseless (a misnomer) typewriter and be required to write a novel of no less than 60k words which will then be reviewed by half a dozen self-published writers. It would be interesting to see how many re-writes were necessary! Rant over!

There is a point to this and I'm getting around to it. The review could actually be a tool for combating the naysayers. Shoppers are influenced by what they see as 'expert' opinion and so if I had more reviews for my books then you never know, there may be more than a few people interested in opening the covers.

Seriously, I would appreciate a review or two for Cessation if you have bought the book and the time.


 Nelson Mandela died today.

“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” 
― Nelson Mandela

God Bless