Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Writing - Christmas is a time for stories

First things first. Merry Christmas to all who have sampled or bought books this year.

Merry Christmas to all those who have followed and read this blog whether it be once or everyday.

Merry Christmas to everyone I know.

Secondly, Christmas TV, blogs, poetry, songs and carols are full of the Christmas story. Yet there is a growing number of our younger generations that apparently don't know the story that is the real Christmas. I find that very sad.

However, Christmas is also a time for stories with a small 's'. All kinds of stories are told and shown and that could only be a great time for writers of all genres. Where would our lives be without stories?

Most Wanted Artefact

My 6th Steele novel, tentatively entitled 'Most Wanted Artefact' is progressing. The first 7k words are completed and I'm perceiving that feeling of 'I know where I'm going next' which I find quite exciting. After the self-imposed sabbatical away from Steele, the characters are still there for me. 

I was reminded of the difficulty some people find in starting writing by a friend that I've known for almost sixty years. It was the usual thing of starting and not being happy with what you've written, then the fatal mistake of going back and trying to re-write. My advice to anyone in that position is to complete three sections after the beginning before going back to look again at what you have done. You may change some things but there will be the dawning realisation that you are a writer - TRUST ME


My publisher, CN, have published some social network advice for writers this Christmas. See the link below,


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God Bless