Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Writing - Happy New Year

I started writing my 6th Steele novel which is entitled 'Most Wanted Artefacts' but which is under review. The reason it is in that state is because I read a piece of advice this week which suggested that a title should go some way to revealing what's inside the cover. My own feeling is that you shouldn't be too transparent but having said that I can, sin of sins, be rather too obtuse. At the moment of writing this I am thinking 'Wanted - Artefacts' but I need to think long on this one.
Progress with this new Steele novel is slow but I finished a third chapter yesterday. In fact I did quite a lot of writing based on inspiration that struck me at around 4am that morning. It didn't come to me in a flash but over about half an hour and I liked what I was thinking. I handed the ideas over to the characters and off we went. In fact the central direction of the whole book is set, not the detail, that is up to the protagonists, but I'm sure that they will do a great job.
Another 1500 words today.

A New Year

I uploaded the latest submission I made to Readwave the other day which was about Resolutions and my true feelings are there for all to read. Simply, tomorrow is just another day and the need to change behaviour can be tackled any day of the year. When all said and done almost 20% of the world's population celebrates New Year on a different day!
Still I wish you all that which you wish for yourselves.


There is a problem loading my blog which I have yet to find the source of and so when you try to load it there is a delay of around 30 seconds before it eventually opens. It does work though so please be patient.

God Bless