Thursday, 19 December 2013

Writing - My Christmas (1)

I was reading some advice about selling books at this time of year and one of the pieces  was about personalising and broadcasting your Christmas so I thought I would begin with one of my favourite activities.

The performances of the Messiah by Handel is so relevant to so many people and it is also love of mine. I first heard extracts from it as a teenager in the 1960's by a small male voice choir in a church in Hetton in the north east of England.
Since I was first admitted (you have to audition and are retested every three years) to Huddersfield Choral Society in January 1996 I'd just missed the Messiah performances as they are always in December. We have performed this work at least twice yearly since. In fact for four years running we performed it twice in Huddersfield and once in the Royal Albert Hall, London. I estimate about fifty times in its entirety and I have been involved in two recordings of the work which is available on the society website.
The people in Huddersfield often feel that their Christmas doesn't begin proper until they have been to a performance. The Huddersfield Town Hall holds between 800 and 1000 people and is always full on both nights, and the audience are real officianados. While the soloists were doing their thing I spotted a couple who were mouthing every word! (I hope they weren't actually singing)

The reason why my blogs have been a little thin this week. The week before Christmas Huddersfield Town Hall rings with the sound of Handel's Messiah given this year by Huddersfield Choral Society and accompanied by Royal Northern Symphonia.

Neal Davies (Bass), David Allsopp (Countertenor), Martyn Brabbins (Conductor), Susan Gritton (Soprano), Joseph Cullen (Chorus master), Ben Johnson (Tenor)

The piece doesn't alter and so the orchestra, soloists and conductor make the difference. Both performances went very well.

The advice about marketing and personalising my blog suggested photographing the turkey!!! I may fight shy of that but we'll see what happens.

God Bless