Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Writing - My Christmas Day

Christmas Day is as it is! It can be beautiful, fun, exciting, adventurous, peaceful and fulfilling and it can have it's frustrations. As I have aged and my circumstances have changed I feel fewer of the negative aspects of the day. Does that seem ridiculous? Negative aspects of Christmas Day!!! What's the guy talking about?

It can't all be put down to sprouts! Although I did hear that you have to be over 30 before you qualify to like sprouts. I also heard that the old wives tale about not picking sprouts until they have experienced a frost has some truth in it. The frost causes the plant to release more sugar and so the sprouts are slightly sweeter. A little like the production of Ice wine.

As I said it's not all down to the food. Christmas Day can be stressful particularly for the ladies. I know that's a little sexist or traditional, call it what you like, whoever is responsible for the food, gift purchasing and servicing of the guests may well become a little wound up.

I have got round that by eating out! If you find a place that is satisfying both gastronomically and fiscally stick with it.

I also went to church which was fun. Yes I mean that - FUN! There was chocolate orange, prayers, children, carols, and a wonderful feeling of Christmas. It was great watching the kids show their presents and join in with the celebrations. It was also concise - well the turkey was in the vicar's oven!

I saw 2/3rds of my own children as one is in Salzburg, so it was okay. The days you see your kids when they are grown up are good days.

Gifts exchanged, food eaten and home by 2pm. Christmas over for another year? On the BBC Breakfast news programme this morning a man from the Salvation Army was being interviewed and ended with the most direct and simple message. He said wouldn't it be great if the feeling we have for others at this time of year, which is generated by Christmas, actually lasted all year.

Did I have a good Christmas? I hope you all did.

Christmas acrostic

C is for carols a welcoming sing
H is for holly the red and the green
is for reindeer that pulled a great sleigh
I is for illumination to light our way
S is for Santa who brings things for free
T is for tinsel to decorate a tree
M is for Magi to welcome a king
A is for angel with a message to bring
S is a star that has lighted the way

God Bless