Friday, 6 December 2013

Writing - Reviews and poets

Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013

There will be countless celebrations of a special man's life over the coming weeks. Our little church choir will make their own contribution in the service tomorrow morning. We will sing N'kosi Sikelele the South African National Anthem. A version by the Soweto Choir is on YouTube and the link is below.   (you may have to copy and paste)

I have thought about Madiba and tried to write what I think he's meant to South Africa and the world and for once words fail me! God Bless his saintly soul.


Reviews and Poets

It may seem a strange title but it stems from two sources. Firstly, I was requesting reviews in my blog yesterday (please be kind), and secondly, this morning I was reading Jo von Bargen's book 'Apocalypse or Renewal', For those who don't know Jo, she is a prodigious poet with the unerring ability to produce words that conjure the most vivid pictures in the readers mind. I bought her book some time ago and have only just got round to reading it this week and it has blown my mind.

She has applied her considerable skill in producing a very philosophical look at our world and where it is heading under the stewardship of the human race. The evidence I have read so far has come from First Nation USA sources but I know that she has also tapped into the myths and legends of groups of people in other parts of the world. Through her poet's eyes she has extricated the ills of the modern world and its flagrant neglect of the natural world and predicted possible futures in an entertaining, intelligent and informative manner. 
If you are a person who has ever had the idea that we are doing a disservice to the world we live in then read the above book it is excellent.

Now the above review I am going to post to Amazon.

From the point of view of my request the above took me no more than ten minutes to complete so please consider writing a few kind words and posting them to the site from which you obtained my book.

God Bless