Sunday, 8 December 2013

Writing - What a day!

What a day for all sorts of reasons. It all began with a sunrise.

The view from my bedroom at 07:40 this morning.

Then the very first piece of news I heard today was that the poor underpaid MPs were going to get an 11% pay rise in 2015. How will they cope? The three party leaders have all said that it is too much but they can't do anything about it because the body awarding the money is independent! Must be gut wrenching for them. It put me in mind of a guy interviewed on the news this week who is working, below the poverty line, had no pay rise in 2012 and 1% this year! Enough said?

Then there was the service at church which was focused on the passing of Nelson Mandela and our little choir, plus a trio of wringers, sang the South African National Anthem, N'kosi Sikelele Africa. It was well received.

I have sold books today!

God Bless