Monday, 13 January 2014

A Tuesday Recipe - Honey and ginger pork chop on egg fried rice

Instead of being satisfied with supermarket for the meat I actually called at a 'proper' butcher's shop. The price reminded me of why I usually buy from the big store but the quality was unsurpassed. I don't know what they do at meat wholesalers but sometimes the stuff that comes out of meat when you dry fry it in a pan to seal the exterior is strange. I think the amount of water and salt added is partly responsible and it's such a shame that we consumers are continually duped by tricks to increase the weight of foodstuffs. We are also the victims of our own sweet tooth. Many foods have added sugar because humans, for the most part, like sweet stuff. 
Life was much easier in the baby boomer years when we ate what was seasonal and fresh. I can't remember when we got our first fridge, I was probably around 10 or 11 years old, but it was great that the milk didn't taste slightly off as it reached the end of its second day. We had a pantry with a concrete floor pre-fridge and that was where the milk lived as well as anything else we needed to keep fresh. My parents and I weren't assaulted by 'use by' or 'sell by' dates but if it looked and smelled okay it was consumed. She maintained that policy well into her latter years and never suffered ill effects. Societies current levels of waste really are unsustainable and are caused in part by big business greed for greater profits and our demands that we have foods that we fancy whenever we want them instead of being dictated by the seasons. 
The bottom line is that we need to look to ourselves. If we as consumers were more self-disciplined and discerning in our tastes then big business wouldn't be able to dictate so freely. Buy wisely, buy British and buy fresh could be a mantra worth adopting.

The photo above is of an exceptionally tasty meal and quite easy to prepare. Like many such meals you make a marinade/sauce and after sealing the meat, bake in an oven which, in this case, produces a Chinese style meal.

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God Bless