Monday, 20 January 2014

A Tuesday Recipe - Italian Venison Meatballs with pasta

Italian Venison meatballs

This meal came from a piece of opportunism. I had gone shopping with the aim of producing something Italian so I had tomatoes, oregano, onion and garlic in my trolley I just wanted something to go with them. The venison meatballs were on offer so I snapped them up. 
The Italian sauce is standard and easy to make. It forms the basis of other dishes such as lasagne and bolognese so it made for an easy cooking weekend.
The photo above show the meatballs with fusilli but I also served it with spaghetti. Its tasty with either if you like Italian food.
If I was a purist I would start with minced venison, herbs, breadcrumbs, egg and make my own meatballs but as I'm not a real chef I feel it is my duty to seek out short cuts and cheats!!!!

The full recipe is on the TAB at the top of this page.

'It All Fell Down' -

A big thank you to all those readers in 9 countries around the world who have read my latest readwave submission. It is quite humbling when I see there are almost as many readers in San Jose as in London.

Cessation - review

Thanks to a friend for a review which was very positive but highlighted the surprising nature of the ending.

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