Thursday, 2 January 2014

Poetry Thursday 91 - Newness

A bit of a mixture today.

I had a day off yesterday and so this post is late. In fact it is a work in progress. I wanted to write something for the New Year but as it can be a difficult time when you are on your own the thoughts were rather negative. However, the sun is shining this morning! The poem that I'm writing is a little raw but here is the first verse and a bit!


A New Year begins once again
more days to live through.
Challenges to confront and overcome.
Twelve more months and 52 weeks.
Days long and short, dark and light.
Hopefully a time to be lived in peace
and one's prosperity increased a might.

The years roll on with increased rapidity
age advances in parallel.
Appreciate time with family.
Children grow into adults and parents
Time flies as if on the wings of a swift
Your own powers settle with experience
The joy of offspring gives the lift. 

A rare and satisfying occurrence.

John Rhys-Vivian I don't usually read novels, as I am normally a non-fiction reader. However, this book was so enthralling that I think it could make a fabulous TV programme or series. I was totally involved in the plot and in its ending. Well done, it deserves all the plaudits that it gets.

God Bless