Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Poetry Thursday 92 - Success and People


It’s a great day when your team wins
When every shot the defence blocks
Rubber bands play music of Gershwin's
Form book is like Dali's clocks

Hope for more from the team
Could be like Oliver’s gruel
Frustrating as Munch’s scream
Saturday could be so cruel

Expectation can blindfold reality
Other teams will have their say
But without improvement in quality 
Relegation will have its’ day
©David L Atkinson January 2014

I suppose this could be entitled 'The trials of a football fan' but we beat Manchester United last night so I'll stick with what I have.


The world would be empty without them
and yet they can be such pains!
It would seem that there is the odd gem
amongst those who are indelible stains.

You can call them friends or relatives
you can rely upon some of those
Then there are the acquaintances
that may have more cons than pros

There are people you'd love to hug
and some you'd be happy to kiss
others should be squashed like a bug
and those you'd rarely miss

Some have already passed this way
and can never more return
for others you can't wait for the day
when it becomes their turn to burn

Most are unfailingly generous
they share friendship, love and time
some may even be amorous
ignoring their love would be a crime
©David L Atkinson January 2014

God Bless