Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Poetry Thursday 94 - Where is Winter?

Inspiration for the poem below came from the weather. Inspiration is all around us all of the time we are experiencing it, enjoying it, hating it but certainly living it. 
In England we are renowned for talking about the weather but in real terms we have very rare extremes in that department. This year has had some extremes in the flooding of large areas of land which is not usual but has happened periodically in the past. Over fifty years ago I remember praying for White Christmases which we never got, 1963/64 was the exception that proves the rule. The global warming lobby will feed off this winter's mildness as a sign but in reality it is slightly wetter than normal and nothing more!

Where is Winter?

Winter is here or is it?
We have wind and rain aplenty.
But it’s warm enough for a jacket
rather than coat Tog four and twenty.

The month is January and we’re waiting
with bated breath for the icy blast.
Anticipation is keen and hurting
like a nip on the nose from Jack Frost

Are we to get away with mildness
fuelling the global warming lobby?
Or will winter develop its coldness
and confound scientific community?

Experience predicts a mixture
more wind, rain and perhaps snow.
The English weather is a fixture
if you don’t like it – off you go!
©David L Atkinson January 2014

God Bless