Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Poetry Thursday 95 - Love's Pool

Inspiration is not really definable. It can arrive from infinite sources or even a chain of events and this was the case in the offering below. I am presently contemplating a 'Father of the Bride' speech for rapidly approaching nuptials and my daughter has given out a reading for a friend to deliver in church. The reading is from the 'Song of Solomon'. I was looking for the reading within that book of the Bible and was impressed by what I found there. In turn I found the metaphor that love is as a pool come into my mind.
Read on!

Love’s Pool

Love is like a pool, deep, its depths unknown,
what lurks beneath the surface?
It is fine to roll along
ignorant of what lies before or beneath you.
What monsters lurk in its dark stillness?

Take care, look after one another,
leave nothing to chance be aware!
On the calmest of days when the sun shines
from the peace can come the end.
Lulled into a false sense of security.

You think it is your pool.
Anyone can enter – stay alert!
The foundation is a fertile soup
for any malign growth.
Keep your pool clean and fresh.

Beware the new fish that enters.
The temptation of the new.
It is polluting your pool with false hope
If you jump pools you’re still in a pool.
But then you are the new fish.

Enjoy the known pool
the familiarity of every ripple.
Knowledge of the crevices and dark places
brings gentle warmth and confidence.
Match your stroke with your partner’s.
©David L Atkinson January 2014

God Bless