Sunday, 19 January 2014

We write to be read!

Writing frustration

I read a blog this week by a colleague, Stephen Woodfin, who stated what seems like the obvious in that we write to be read. (Sorry if I've oversimplified that Stephen). At first I was a little dubious because like so many I write because I need to write but the icing on the cake is when someone reads your work. It's even better if they like it and follow through with a review. It is true that if no one read my writings I would not stop but the icing on the cake is when someone just takes a moment or two to show some level of appreciation for your efforts.

I mention this because I write short stories for and recently they've begun to provide a record of the cities around the world where the stories have been read.

  • London 110 reads
  • Stoke-on-trent 1 read
  • San Jose 61 reads
  • Dallas 14 reads
  • San Francisco 30 reads
  • Ashburn 25 reads
  • Newark 15 reads
  • Palo Alto 9 reads
  • Seattle 19 reads
  • Absecon 9 reads
  • Rome 1 read
  • San Antonio 4 reads
  • Atlanta 2 reads
  • Reading 5 reads
  • Taipei 3 reads
  • MontrĂ©al 4 reads
  • Caracas 1 read
  • Springfield 2 reads
  • Llandovery 1 read
  • Mountain View 1 read
  • Redmond 5 reads
  • Leeds 1 read
  • Richmond 1 read
  • Birmingham 1 read
  • Lansing 1 read
  • Saint Louis 2 reads
  • San Carlos 1 read
  • Apo 4 reads
  • Osaka 2 reads
  • Pohang 1 read
There are 9 countries represented in the list which, in my own simple minded way, I find quite exciting.

Of all the cities mentioned there is only 1 read from anywhere near where I live and that is Leeds. Now it isn't a case that I'm the archetypal 'billy no mates' I have plenty of friends and a number of family members, but why don't they read me?
To sell books it is necessary that those who like your work tell a friend but they have to read them first! I received a great comment today about Cessation and the nature of the ending. You'll have to read it to find out what form that takes. There are links on this blog and if you search under David L Atkinson you will be able to buy paperback or electronic copies.

God Bless