Sunday, 12 January 2014

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

Some more strange facts from around the globe.

 Fidel Castro is a fan of the progressive rock band Yes.


The All-Party Beer Group, which boasts 300 MPs - nearly half the House of Commons, is the largest of all 472 all party subject groups.

This is quite funny when you see photos from within the House of Commons with only half a dozen MPs sitting and the fact that many of that group have second jobs - my own MP is a barrister. They spout the high moral standpoint on the consumption of alcohol and almost half of them are in this group!


Great white sharks can live to 70.


The Highway Code recommends that people who fall asleep at the wheel should pull over and park, drink 150mg of caffeine (at least two shots of espresso), wait 20 minutes, and only then continue their journey.

Do you remember having to learn this before you could pass your driving test? It's not law but governs what may be described as good manners and common sense on the road. We could do with having a compulsory revision session because some etiquette on the road has fallen through the net and it could be said that it is a lack of good manners that causes things like road rage incidents.


Researchers at the University of Michigan have been looking for the existence of time travellers on the internet.


Black-tailed prairie dogs perform Mexican waves to "test" the alertness of their neighbours.


Six out of 10 Korean families use professionals to find a name for their newborns.


Residents in Ware, Hertfordshire, watch more online porn than any other UK town.


The last British Prime Minister to regularly wear a wedding ring in public was Lady Thatcher.

Just a sign of her dominance over husband Dennis.

You can map the economic peaks and troughs of the 20th Century via books' use of miserable terms.


God Bless