Saturday, 4 January 2014

Writing - Another new start.

No I'm not still talking about the new year, or a new book, or a restart of Most Wanted Artefact but a new/old computer. After I had completed the critical reboot I virtually had a new computer and there is something refreshing about that. However, sadly I have made some mistakes in rebooting in the way of forgetting to back up one or two things, like contacts and photographs.

This new starting becomes a bit of a pain after a number of years. Talking this evening to a man around 15 years younger than me who couldn't appreciate why I didn't go out and have a 'session' on New Year's Eve. Oh I went out with a mate for an hour or so, we had a few drinks and I was home in bed by 11:30. This guy couldn't understand that even though retired I didn't want to waste a day feeling unwell because I'd drunk too much the night before. That is not to say that I hadn't done so in the past. I remember falling out of a taxi in Blackpool, ending up in a fight in Brian London's 007 club and spending most of New Year's Day feeling like throwing up. You just reach a point when that is not the best way to enjoy yourself.
It's a little like the first steps in writing. You produce a few thousand words re-read and start re-writing - starting again! You end up convincing yourself that what you are writing isn't good enough. The writing process is not like that! I am writing this blog to try and help new writers. I like to think of writing as being like painting, something that I have dabbled with.

The fact is it is quite daunting when you are faced with a blank sheet of paper. What you have to do is make the first mark. Like eating the proverbial elephant, it is only possible to begin one bite at a time. You have to trust in the source of your inspiration. I am assuming that you have had an idea and the feeling that you want to write it down and share it with others. Write it! If you feel the need to check it over then CHECK IT. Check it for grammatical errors, style and other technical stuff but leave the content alone at this stage. Then go on and continue your idea. Keep writing like you would keep painting until the job is finished. Have some one else proof read your work and refine it as a result of that exercise but be proud of what you have achieved. I'm not saying be satisfied that you can't do a better job next time.
Never forget that telling stories is an art, it's personal and even though your early efforts may not satisfy practice makes perfect.

God Bless