Saturday, 4 January 2014

Writing - Getting over Christmas

Well that's it! Christmas has gone from my humble apartment. It is supposedly bad luck if you don't take the decorations down by the 6th January. Some say it's bad luck if you take them down before, well I struggle to see the reason for keeping them up much after New Year's  Day. It has been okay, rather like the last few, euphemistically termed 'quiet'.
I woke this morning with the thought that writing stories is a bit of a balancing act. I was considering the amount of detail to include regarding a new character that I've introduced into the latest Steele novel, Most Wanted Artefact. The balance is between getting on with the tale, rather like taking away the decorations and getting on with the new year, and providing sufficient detail for the character to be three dimensional. It also depends on how important the character is but then that is not necessary under the writer's control. Some characters refuse to be minor no matter what your intention is when you include them in your tale. One such character in the Steele novels is Ethan Small.

Ethan Small entered the Steele stories as a bit of a delinquent teenager that Patrick Steele was persuaded to take on by another of his staff. He accompanied Steele on a meeting in York (The Biter Bit) and got in the way of a bullet meant for his boss. Ethan ended up losing the use of his legs with the ensuing traumas for the injured lad and Steele's feelings of guilt. Over the next couple of stories Ethan turned himself into a bit of a geek with computers and security measures for Steele's properties and has become an essential member of the team.

Watch these minor characters but keep them interesting.

RIP Phil Everly

Phil Everly (1939 - 2014)

Half of the Everly brothers passed away. Their music was iconic although personally I was never that taken. It is always sad when someone dies but that action is inevitable, I just hope he enjoyed his life and that his family remember the happy times.

God Bless