Friday, 24 January 2014

Writing - Nanny states and ridiculous ideas

Its good for the soul to have a rant very now and again - opens the pores, aerates the blood and drives the circulation. It has been one of those weeks where the official bodies linked to health have been making pronouncements and it really  drives me. They are what I call the 'we shouldn't be dying at all' mob! You know the sort - 5 a-day; 2 litres of water/day; 10000 steps/week; BMI worshipping trendy health freaks. Its interesting that one of those, BMI, has recently been discredited as not accurate.
Well this week we've had the following:-

Pollution increases the chance of heart attacks.

Central heating makes you fat! Now my father may well have agreed with that because he always felt that the advent of central heating caused children to grow like bean poles so it obviously has some effect on human growth!

Thousands of lives could have been saved if the UK had adopted the kinds of treatment offered in Sweden and other countries.

And so it goes on! I have some bad news for all these health driven neurotics - you ARE going to die! Sounds depressing but that is only the inevitability. In my latest book, Cessation - dystopian story, the subject is handled because of the breakdown of society and the inevitable collapse of the health service. Will man survive?

I was quite pleased to see that it's not just the case in the UK. I saw the following article and was reminded of author Bert Carson's love of Marmite,

Canada 'orders Briton to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru'

Marmite jar 

  Marmite falls foul of Canada's laws because it is enriched with vitamins. The owner of a British food shop in Canada says he has been ordered to stop selling Marmite, Ovaltine and Irn Bru because they contain illegal additives.

And the corollary

'Marmageddon' over as New Zealand shops restock Marmite

File image of shelves bereft of Marmite in New Zealand 

Marmite supply in New Zealand was scarce last year. Marmite has returned to supermarket shelves in New Zealand for the first time in over a year, after shortages caused by the Christchurch quake.
The February 2011 quake damaged the only factory in the country that produces Marmite, forcing it to close.

I like it on wholemeal toast!!!!

What goes round comes round!

So there is fuel aplenty for stories related to human health. It even has its own genre and includes films such as 'Contagion' and 'Outbreak' and you could argue the Sylvestre Stallone film 'Demolition Man' fitted into this group although it is described as SF.
When writers are looking for inspiration there is an endless supply of sources in current affairs and it is free to dip into, bend and utilise to our hearts content.

God Bless