Friday, 17 January 2014

Writing - Props in your stories

Glock 27

As I started creating the Steele series one area that I had fun thinking about was Patrick Steele's weapons of choice. The frightening thing was the wealth and depth of information about weapons that is available on the internet. (Its not just information!). So with the handgun I chose something for my hero that was light and small but with stopping power. As it is five years since I began writing weapons have developed and The above was the latest in the Glock series at the time of writing 'Inceptus'

Imagine my interest in the news today when the announcement of a new gun for women has been launched in India. It comes as a result of the rape and death of a girl at the hands of a gang of men on a bus. It made international headlines at the time. The gun is called 'Nirbheek' after the nickname of the unfortunate girl who died. It is made by the Indian state owned Ordnance Factory and weighs only 500g and will fit easily into a lady's purse. Although men can buy them it is presented in a maroon jewellery case to tempt the Indian ladies who like their baubles.


Patrick Steele must have a bit of an arsenal, because I decided that he should, and so he has a teflon coated (prevents light reflection) Swedish Fallkniven I Survival Knife for close quarter action. This type of weapon is an indication of the stern stuff from which he is made, in that he is prepared to get up close to dispatch a target. 

Fallkniven I Survival Knife

At the same time his early years training gave him considerable proficiency in target shooting with a long range weapon. He has a sniper's rifle as used by the Swiss Army. It is a Nemesis with a choice of three barrel lengths for different distance work as well as telescopic and night sight.

Nemesis Sniper's Weapon

The point is that when creating an action figure they need accoutrements of different sorts and you can tap into the wealth of information on the web but I believe that you also need to keep up with changes as the years pass. It is also a subject that some readers are very interested in and may provide an additional source of readership. So if you have that interest and want to read more please feel free to dip into the Steele series.

God Bless